What Is The Drawing Room Project

The Drawing Room Project Association was founded in 2007, out of a desire to draw persons together and engage them in a series of creative conversations through workshops, productions and exhibits. 

Our Goals

To build a better society through introspective art, by creating collaborations with industry experts who will provide mentorship and exposure for talented Jamaicans to hone there skills and produce high quality creative products for the local and international market.  We are successfull if we:-

  • Build a network of artists who value sharing their knowledge and skills, for the benefit of the society
  • Create an environment to support emerging and mid-career artists

The Projects We Like

It is the hunger after art, that drives a vibrant creative industry.  To stimulate that hunger we are seeking projects that:

  • Provide inspirational art expereinces that could germinate new skills
  • Create mentoring opportunities for aspiring artists
  • Promote classical genres that are unexplored, but could add new perspectives to emerging forms
  • Strengthen the involvement of Jamaican artists in the international community
  • Strengthen the craftmanship of writing in new media, digital and performing arts

Meet the Founders & Trustees

What do a computer scientist, environmentalist, professional athlete, social development planner and an administrator have in common?  A love for Caribbean art and the vision that great art is for all peoples in all walks of life.  

Millicent A. A. Graham is a Poet  IT Specialist who lives in Kingston Jamaica.   She has a M.Sc. in Human Centered Computer Systems from the University of Sussex, UK.  She has experience in Project development and the design of development programs

Current Term : Jan 2007 - Present

Joni Jackson is a Writer, Blogger and Environmental Scientist, living in Kingston, Jamaica. 

She has a BSc in Geology from the University of the West Indies. Her previous experience includes Council Member and Secretary of the Geological Society of Jamaica and events planning.

Current Term : Jan 2007 - Present

George A. Davis is a Sports Administrator and philanthropist, living in Kingston, Jamaica. He is the founder of Ten Em Bee Sports Development Center, UK. Director of Excel Sports Management,Grand Cayman  his experience includes over 10 years of project development and administration for Non-Profit Organisations.  His passion is in sports, the performing arts and music.

Current Term : July 2013 - Present

Ann-Marie Bonner has served as Principal Director in the Policy Analysis and Review Unit of the Cabinet Office of Jamaica Consul General to Toronto for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more recently Director of the Institute of Jamaica . She was a participant in Wayne Brown’s Observer Literary Workshop and had several short stories published in the Sunday Observer. She was a finalist

in the Observer Literary Awards in 2005..

Current Term : July 2016 - Present

Velma Pollard is a retired Senior Lecturer in Language Education in the
Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Arts and Education of the
University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica. Her major research interests
have been Creole Languages of the Anglophone Caribbean, The Language of
Caribbean Literature and Caribbean Women’s Writing. Articles in these areas
appear in local and international journals. She has published a handbook: From
Jamaican Creole to Standard English-a handbook for teachers (1994,2003) and a
monograph: Dread Talk-the language of Rastafari (1994, 2000).
Pollard is involved in Creative writing and has published poems and stories in
regional and international journals and anthologies. She has a novel, three
collections of short fiction and five books of poetry on the market. Her novella
Karl won the Casa de las Americas prize in 1992..  

Current Term : July 2016 - Present


The DRP Association

Millicent Graham - Founder

Joni Jackson - Founder

George A Davis - Trustee

Ann-Marie Bonner - Trustee

Velma Pollard - Trustee